Vroomly passes the bar of 1,500 garages

Vroomly passes the bar of 1,500 garages

Eighteen months after its creation, the referencing platform for repair professionals boasts 1,500 partner garages. A progression partly linked to the accession of major networks.

Vroomly can congratulate himself. The start-up, which proposes to connect drivers with repair professionals according to the services to be performed, now has 1,500 partner garages. A course that was crossed while the young French push celebrates 18 months of exitance on the market . “By 2021, our goal is to have such a dense network throughout the country by referencing 25% of 38,000 French workshops,  said Alexis Frèrejean , the CEO and co-founder of Vroomly.

Of the 1,500 Vroomly certified workshops, 80% are MRAs. ” The majority of the MRAs we refer to are not affiliated with any brand , explains Alexis Frerejean, and rely on Vroomly to make themselves known .” The remaining 20% ​​consists of car centers, including almost all Midas sites and about 30 Speedy, as well as dozens of Norauto centers. According to our information, Norauto and Vroomly are actively working on the addition of branches on the platform, but for the time being none of the parties wanted to speak on the subject.

After breaking records this summer, Vroomly set a new benchmark in November. Over the period, 158,000 requests for quotes were made, generating the taking of 2,400 appointments. Thus, the garages partners have reaped 450,000 euros excluding turnover.

The year 2020 should lead to agreements that will aim to ” simplify the life of garages, ” confided recently the co-founder. If the project is not yet tied, it is not excluded to see Vroomly equip itself with a CRM tool in this direction. ” We are seeing more and more garages use us to make quotes , reports Alexis Frerejean, so we could imagine management solutions.”