Marc Nicolosi, creator of Rétromobile, went away

Marc Nicolosi, creator of Rétromobile, went away

Passionate about vintage cars and co-founder of Rétromobile, Marc Nicolosi died a few days before his 85th birthday.

Marc Nicolosi , a former car enthusiast, had launched a show with Jean-Pierre Jouët in 1976, a success that has been growing year after year. Rétromobile, which now hosts more than 100,000 visitors per edition, was born following an ephemeral exhibition of vintage vehicles for which Jean-Pierre Jouët had called on Marc Nicolosi to find the vehicles in question.

Faced with the success of the exhibition, which took place at the Place de la Bastille in Paris, the two friends, very quickly joined by François Melcion , decided to create Rétromobile, a show where the actors of the profession meet, in particular specialists in the spare part.

Former car restorer, Marc Nicolosi, born on December 3, 1934, had been at the head of the show until 2003, when Retromobile was acquired by Comexposium. His collaborator and friend Francois Melcion take its result until 2018, before handing over to J ean-Sebastien Guichaoua .

As for Marc Nicolosi, he will devote himself to the Bugatti France Club which he will take over in 2003. Involved in the management of the Club until his last days, the co-founder of Rétromobile died on November 28, 2019.