It rolls Raoul, the new start-up who inspects the VO

It rolls Raoul, the new start-up who inspects the VO

A newcomer to the second-hand market, the young company intends to interfere in transactions between individuals. It proposes to accompany them in the purchase of their VO and only remunerates itself if the transaction is carried out.

The used car market continues to attract the greed of various players in the automotive sector. It must be said that with more than 5.6 million annual transactions, the market is fertile and a source of potential financial windfall. Specifically on sales between individuals who still represent more than 60% of transactions.

From this observation, several young shoots were born offering to secure sales between individuals. It is precisely on this credo that the start-up Ça Roule Raoul officiates. Launched 7 months ago by two customary VO sector, the company intends to accompany individual buyers in the search for their vehicle. Kevin Rodrigues Bastos and Sofiane Harrabi, who bought VOs to resell them, realized that the information provided by vendors was sometimes incomplete or even misleading. They had the idea of ​​getting into the vehicle inspection. The two entrepreneurs thus offer motorists who want to purchase a VO to communicate the characteristics of the desired vehicle or to submit an advertisement they have found.

A commission on the negotiated price

The co-founders then move to meet the seller and inspect the vehicle in 260 checkpoints. They evaluate potential refurbishment costs to submit to the seller. And if the vehicle matches the demand of their client, then a negotiation phase takes place. Indeed, original business model, It Roule Raoul does not invoice the inspection but remunerates on the discount that they managed to obtain on the VO. They thus take a commission up to 50% of the deduction made by the seller. ” For example if we managed to lower the price of 500 euros, we keep 250 euros on the transaction, ” says Claudia Rodrigues Bastos , spokesman for the start-up.

However, no question of pushing the sale ensures the spokesperson, if the vehicle does not meet the expectations of the buyer or if the vehicle information is wrong, they prefer not to ensure the transaction. ” We are looking for visibility, if the customer is satisfied, it allows us to make known through word of mouth ,  says Claudia Rodrigues Bastos. For the time being, Ça Roule Raoul is established in Île-de-France but aims to spread throughout the national territory.

Like My Auto Specialist , managers plan to recruit professionals who can carry out the inspections. Named the Raoul, they would operate for the young shoot as independents to supplement their income. Since its creation, the start-up has already concluded 70 sales for which it has obtained on average 389 euros of discount. She hopes to accelerate her deployment quickly by recruiting new inspectors.