Good start for the Jetta brand in China

Good start for the Jetta brand in China

Since its deployment last September, Volkswagen’s new entry-level brand in China has sold nearly 30,000 vehicles, mainly its VS5 SUV.

Unlike others, Volkswagen knows how to seduce Chinese customers. The German brand aims more than three million registrations in the country this year, as much as in 2017 and 2018, despite a depressed market . Forecasters predict a volume of sales down 5% in 2019 following a decline of 2.8% last year.

The local crisis does not seem to affect Volkswagen which has also launched last September in a new adventure, the low cost with a brand called Jetta . In less than three months, nearly 30,000 vehicles have been sold by this entity whose range is summarized for the moment to two models, the SUV VS5, which accounts for 80% of sales, and the saloon sedan VA3.

Local manufacture

” The base segment has so far been served almost exclusively by Chinese brands, and we see tremendous potential, and the successful launch of Jetta gives us reason, ” said Jürgen Stackmann , a VW board member and head of the VW brand. sales, marketing and after-sales.

With Jetta, the manufacturer targets young Chinese customers who can not afford a real Volkswagen. This population represents a colossal pool knowing that one-third of passenger cars in China are currently sold in the entry-level segment at prices between 8,000 and 15,000 euros.

The Jetta brand models, distributed in specific digital outlets, are locally produced by FAW-Volkswagen in Chengdu. A third model, another SUV, will complete the range in the near future.