The Journal des Flottes invites you to its next event

The Journal des Flottes invites you to its next event

Organized by the Journal des Flottes and in partnership with Holson, Les Ateliers du Journal des Flottes “Adjusting its car policy in the face of future tax changes”, will take place on Tuesday 21 January 2020.

What turn should be given to its car policy in order to limit the fiscal impact of its fleet? Which vehicles and energies to favor? How to anticipate fiscal upheavals?

Puzzle in sight for fleet managers. The draft budget law for 2020 submitted for consideration by the two assemblies provides for a tax system of unprecedented complexity.

In the space of three months, companies will have to deal with three different scales of penalties: that of 2019, the updated one planned on January 1, 2020 and finally that supposed to apply on March 1 with the definitive taking into account of the values ​​of WLTP certification.

Will also be added a scale of the TVS adapted to the new deal WLTP. In short, the tax on business vehicles has never been so complex.

These questions will be addressed on January 21, 2020 during the workshops of the Journal des Flottes, organized in partnership with Holson.