Aston Martin soon bought by Stroll?

Aston Martin soon bought by Stroll?

The British manufacturer has received, according to information Autocar, a proposed buyout by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll.

If you’re interested in Formula 1, then you’ve probably heard of Lawrence Stroll , owner since 2018 of the Force India team, which became Racing Point F1 Team in the 2019 season. Ecurie in which his son Lance Stroll runs alongside Sergio Perez . But in reality, behind Lawrence Stroll lies an empire also made up of brands Pierre Cardin, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, for a fortune estimated at 2 billion pounds sterling … a fortune that could well serve him, according to information from Autocar, has take a majority stake in Aston Martin, currently owned by two contractors, David Richards and John Sinders, as well as two Kuwaiti companies.

The billionaire would like to take control of the sports car manufacturer through a consortium of investors and taking advantage of the weakness of the action, which has continued to tumble since its IPO on October 5, 2018, date to which she then quoted 17 pounds sterling is a little more than 20 euros.

A good boost

Action which, after this announcement – which however was not confirmed by the manufacturer nor by Lawrence Stroll -, jumped by nearly 20% from 5 pounds, or just under 6 euros, to 6 pounds sterling, that is 7.1 euros. Despite this increase, the capitalization of Aston Martin is only 1.4 billion pounds, far from the 4.3 billion obtained on its stock market.

Despite rising global sales, which, for the first time, had exceeded 5,000 units in 2017, the British manufacturer is disrupted by the slowdown in growth on the Old Continent, but especially by the uncertainty related to Brexit, weighing on sales and profitability. Earlier this year, it had to issue a warning on the results after significantly reducing its sales forecasts in the face of slowing global demand for its products. In the first six months of 2019, Aston Martin recorded losses of nearly £ 80 million.