Technical inspection: 560 000 vehicles are missing

Technical inspection: 560 000 vehicles are missing

The situation is alarming. In the technical controllers, periodic visits are becoming scarce and the sector is delayed by 560 000 cars at one month of the end of the year. What cause concern of professionals in the sector.

In the technical control centers, we start to ask questions. In recent months, customers are fewer and periodic visits are abnormally spaced … At one month of the end of the year, the situation is even very worrying according to industry professionals who sound the alarm. According to Karine Bonnet , president of the Dekra network, about 560,000 vehicles should have passed their visit and would be in default of technical control. ” This is unheard of, we had never witnessed such a situation, ” she laments.

This phenomenon seems even worse since the number of “latecomers” still amounted to 430,000 at the end of October. ” There is always a share of motorists who forget to meet the deadline of their control but the current proportions are abnormally high.I doubt that we catch up the delay before the end of the year, ” says the president.

The reasons for such a situation? They are multiple: in addition to the conversion bonus ( which benefited more than 250,000 people in 2018 ), industry professionals question the announcements made by the government late last year. To respond to the movement of the yellow vests, the latter had postponed for six months the hardening of the technical control . ” This postponement caused a form of vagueness and some motorists believed that they could benefit from a form of tolerance … Especially since roadside checks of the police have become rare, ” said Karine Bonnet.

The professionals demand a file of the vehicles subjected to the technical control

These repeated delays nevertheless raise the concern of TB specialists. Of the hundreds of thousands of illegal vehicles, some of them may have serious malfunctions. ” We alerted Emmanuel Barbe, Interministerial Delegate for Road Safety, and the Ministry of the Interior, ” said Karine Bonnet.

Professionals in the sector want to convince the public authorities to make available to them a national file of motorists to be presented soon in their centers. Objective: to inform them of the need to pass their periodic visit. ” The idea is not to make the denunciation offense , says the president of Dekra.We simply want to educate them about the risks they can incur with an uncontrolled vehicle and best respect the mission that we is entrusted as part of the public service delegation . “