ONE-Dyas takes a new step for gas extraction in the North Sea

ONE-Dyas takes a new step for gas extraction in the North Sea

The extraction of natural gas from the NO5-A field in the North Sea, above Rottumerplaat and Schiermonnikoog, has come a step closer. Gas company ONE-Dyas has signed contracts with various companies that will help with the project.

ONE-Dyas is investing 500 million euros in the project. This is the largest Dutch investment in natural gas development in the past 15 years.

The intention is that the gas will be supplied to households and companies in the Netherlands and Germany from the autumn of 2024. To achieve this, ONE-Dyas is entering into a partnership with the companies Allseas Heerema Marine Contractors and HSM Offshore Energy. Those companies will help, among other things, with the construction of a pipeline installation and the construction of the drilling platform.


Not everyone is happy with the plans. For example, the mayor of Ghent, Ineke van Schiermonnikoog, has always spoken negatively about new gas extraction. Critical voices also come from the German Borkum.

The Dutch government has previously stated that it has no objection to gas extraction at this location. Initially, not everyone was in favor in Germany, but the war in Ukraine led to a new assessment.