Sofresid was awarded the Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie, in the category “Industry and Technology Consulting”, for its floating platform project dedicated to port services. This concept is initially adapted as an energy generator for ships at berth.

The ambition of the Elementa project is to propose a means of reducing pollutant emissions while maintaining the competitiveness and attractiveness of French ports by limiting as much as possible the impact of human activities on the environment, explains the engineering company. the project presentation document.

Derived from the conversion of an existing barge, the Elementa platform includes an electricity generator that works – for this first version – with LNG. The installation ensures the energy needs of ships up to a power of 20 MW (the supply of 2 to 3 ships).

Easily moveable, this 60 m long platform will be made from existing barges, that is “basic floating objects that are available in all ports,” says Sofresid.

The engineering company is also considering using hydrogen instead of LNG.

The Elementa platform could also accommodate other services, such as waste treatment.

The National Engineering Grand Prix is ​​conducted by Syntec-Ingénierie, in partnership with the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, the General Directorate of Companies, and in association with the group Le Moniteur.