Epirock presented its project to use 3D printing capabilities to manufacture spare parts on site and in the shortest possible time. According to Andres Johansson, Global Product Manager at Epirock, working with 3D technology opens up limitless possibilities for the company.

Innovation is one of the key values of Epirock, which is in constant search of new solutions. One of the prospective technologies that is gaining momentum, but so far underdeveloped in the industry, is additive manufacturing, or the gradual build-up of an object using 3D modeling and printing. Fast production technology implies manufacturing physical samples based on CAD-file data or 3D-scanning data using special equipment for layer-by-layer 3D-synthesis without the use of technological tooling, with practically no need for further refinement.

Limitless possibilities

In 2019, Epirock began incorporating additive technologies into its parts manufacturing process, ensuring high standards of quality and precision in the parts it manufactures. “Working with 3D technology opens up limitless possibilities for the company to create complex geometries and provide quality assurance,” says Andres Johansson, Global Product Manager at Epirock. “These technologies not only provide additional capabilities to create complex parts, but also allow digital models to be transmitted worldwide in minutes for on-site manufacturing of replacement parts.”

Reduced order waiting times

Epirock will be able to serve its customers in a whole new way, thanks to the opportunities that are opening up. For customers, there will be a noticeable reduction in waiting times for spare parts and, consequently, in downtime. In addition, the ability to 3D print spare parts will significantly optimize the delivery and storage of the company’s products, have a positive impact on product costs and increase the added value to Epirock’s customers. “Also an important fact for the company is the reduction of environmental impact due to the use of the new spare part manufacturing technology,” notes Pavel Pliskin, Product Manager for Hydraulic Components and Special Solutions.